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Wibu-System is a software company, specialized in license management and anti-piracy. One of the main products of the company is Codemeter, an advanced anti-piracy solution, which provides protection against software piracy. We made a series of Western movies inspired animations to explain the benefits, and promote the CodeMeter security solution.

Wibu-Systems Codemeter

Manfred the Monkey


Manfred the Monkey is a hand-drawn animation by Amanda Nedermeijer, with original music by singer-songwriter Odylle. The monkey Manfred shares his wisdom with us… yet how wise is this monkey? Manfred the Monkey has been a guest at amongst others Dutch radio program Torenkamer on Radio 4, and has been selected to be shown at animation festival KLIK in the category Animated Music.

180s Project - Manfred the Monkey

Animation Sequence Project


The Animation Sequence Project is a unique animation project in co-creation with more than 300 animators from all around the world. The assignment for participants was simple; create an animation of up to 10 seconds that begins and ends with a square. In between these squares, anything can happen.

Animation Sequence Project

Sample pic

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