Vision of our studio

Creating impact through visualisation

With the animations produced in our animation studio, we want to create as much impact on the target audience as possible. Visualising complex information helps to communicate more effectively. The intended impact can serve multiple purposes. For instance creating understanding, or showing people the bigger picture. It can accelerate a process or be an incentive to take action. Creating impact can also mean we use our visualisations to surprise or touch the audience to achieve a certain goal.

We’re a young animation studio with our head office based in Amsterdam and smaller satellite offices in London and Düsseldorf. We have a clear focus on quality in both content and form. We are specialised in explaining complex messages in a short period of time. To achieve this we create creative concepts, infographics, interactive visualisations and animations.

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Goal of our animation studio: Creating impact.

Impression of our animation studio.

in60seconds makes complex content understandable by using animations, infographics and interactive visualisations. The combination of text, images and sound makes it possible to communicate a lot of information with substantial impact in a very short period of time. Our goal is to assist companies that deal with a lot of complex information, internally or externally, in making it common practice to communicate in a more visual way.

Just a funny or nice animation isn’t what we aim for when starting a new project. For us, it’s about getting our client’s message across, in the most effective and original way, using a style that fits their tone of voice and branding. This is why, as an animation studio and infographic agency, we spend a lot of time analysing the information given, the target audience and the desired impact.