The internship Working for clients & on your own project

We’ve set up our internship process as such that you get many different assignments in a short period, which gives you the opportunity to get an idea of all the aspects involved in making animations and infographics. Half the time of your internship, you will work on various clients’ projects, and you will get to know all the steps of the production process. From concept development to storyboarding and copywriting; from design, to animation and sound design. In all tasks, you will get a lot of guidance and enough time to try out new things for yourself.

The other half of the time, you will work independently on your own internship project. Together with your supervisor, who will take the role of a critical client, you will design a project that suits your interests. You will have all responsibility of your project, and you will also have to keep an eye on planning and progress. The experience you gain in working for clients will be very useful in working on your own project!

Whom are we looking for? Passionate about animation & infographics

We’re looking for a creative, enthusiastic, friendly and capable student that is eager to learn. Your letter and portfolio show us your interest in the art, your inquisitive nature and your feel for both content and design. You want to learn and you’re willing to work hard for it. We’re looking for interns from the following courses, or similar courses (college or university):

  • CMD (Communication Multimedia Design)
  • Art academy: Animation, or Graphic design
  • Film and television studies
  • Other courses, with a good motivation

Designer in60seconds
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Do you want a taste of what you can do as a student at in60seconds in Amsterdam? Below you find the blog posts (in Dutch) about the projects of some of our former interns:

Are you interested?
Got enthusiastic about doing an internship at in60seconds in Amsterdam? Send your letter of application, resume and portfolio to:

Mechteld van Spaendonck

An internship at the canal Boats, bikes and bars

Doing an internship at in60seconds means you’ll be working in Amsterdam’s city center, with countless cafés around the corner. in60seconds has a young team and therefore we often go our together. For us, it’s an advantage for an intern to be planning to live (temporarily) in Amsterdam or Utrecht. Moreover, you will receive a market conform allowance.

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Graduation project at in60seconds?
We’re also interested in graduating students at college or university level. The focus will be on your own project, which should also have a research aspect. We expect graduating students to create a research project that cuts across our field.

Are you interested in graduating with us? Please send a letter of application, resume and portfolio to:
Mechteld van