Companies that work with us From fast-moving startups to trustworthy corporates

At in60seconds, we’ve worked for many different kinds of clients in different fields. We’re able to immerse ourselves in the worlds of our clients very quickly. Each time we find out what’s the best way to bring their message across. Whether it’s a large corporate or a small startup: we focus on maximising the impact on the target audience.

Internal and External Communications
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Internal communication Employees of your organisation

Within organisations, our visualisations are often being used to clarify a vision, to create support for a certain cause or to explain a working process. Visualisations for internal use often have a relatively small range, that’s why we put a lot of effort into the content of the production, and develop the visuals in an efficient style.

External communication Potential and existing clients

Organisations use our visualisations in marketing activities, both online as well as offline, to introduce or promote themselves or their products. These productions have a greater potential range that has to be triggered. That is why, besides the content, we pay a lot of attention to the development of the visual style and “impact-factor” of these productions.

Business to Consumer (b2c)Appeal to the customer

Many of our clients use video and animation to convey a particular view, to introduce a certain product, or explain how something works. The goal may be inciting action, generate more sales or less questions at the help-desk.

Business to Business (b2b)Keeping it corporate

Our B2B customers often use our explainer videos to clarify what they do in an effective way, to convince potential customers, or to give a certain appeal to a product. Often our animations and videos are used in these kind of new business activities.

Business to Busines or Business to Consumer
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