Reaching your target audience.

You’re totally into your target audience But do you actually reach them?

You’ve determined your target audience, but are you actually reaching them? Buying a bike doesn’t make you a professional cyclist instantly. The same is true for animations. Creating a good animation, doesn’t mean everybody will watch it instantly. Reaching your target audience is key. Do you know what kind of media channels people use, in every part of your potential sales funnel? We’re here to help, and we’re happy to give you some more information to ensure your return on investment, and on minimal costs per animation view.

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The applications mentioned above only represent a small selection of the possibilities when using animation within corporate communication. The channel in which you are going to use the animation is highly dependent on the purpose, audience, budget and whether your audience can actually be reached through the particular medium. Together with you, we are happy to advise which channel and application works best for your desired goal.

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