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When making an explainer video, we always follow a number of clear process steps at in60seconds. Involvement of the customer is important to make a succesful explainer video, because that we we’re sure we got all the right information and matching images. The use of clear work files supports this, clients know they can rely on our experience. In sessions together with the client, we can share ideas and give proper advice.

This way, we ensure to achieve the required deadline and, of course, provide the best quality of every explainer video, time and time again. Below you can follow the process of making an explainer video. Any questions? Contact us, or check the FAQs.

Explainer videos by in60seconds Taylor made for your organisation

Since the founding of our company, we've always been focussed on quality. In 2009, we coined the term 'explanimation' for short animations that communicate complex information by moving illustrations, guided by a voice-over. We consider it a compliment that the term explanimation has become a common term, and is widely used.

Nowadays, we still keep our focus on quality. Only by being distinctive, an explainer video stands out from the crowd of animations. An explainer video is still an effective way to convey a complex message, but it's not a completely new medium anymore. All the more reason to ensure that when we make an explainer video, we make sure it's rock solid.

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When to use an explainer video? Provide insight, explain or promote

An explainer video can be of great added value in many different cases. For example to explain the features of a new product, or to inform employees about a company's vision or new business process. Explainer videos are a great tool to present a complex idea in an understandable way, or to present a report through an attractive visual story. Whether it is to explain, to clarify or inspire: an explainer video can bring a message to life, with the combination of words, sounds and images.

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FAQs: Frequently asked questions Are you interested in an explainer video?

What are the costs of an explainer video production?

The length of the explainer video, the style of the illustrations and animations, and the complexity of the content all have an impact on the costs of making an explainer video. Together with the client, we consider which style suits the topic, and then make a fixed-price quote.

What's the ideal length of an explainer video?

in60seconds knows that the attention of an average website visitor lasts one minute. An explainer video is not always intended for online publication, for other purposes it may be longer, but we strive to be as concise as possible. Let's call it short and sweet.

What's the average lead time of an explainer video?

Usually, our projects have a lead time of four to six weeks. When necessary, for example if your desired deadline is in two weeks, we can deploy some extra manpower. The customer should also be able to give feedback at specific moments. To ensure that in60seconds and our client have the same dates in mind, we always make a clear planning. Herein we take into account sufficient contact moments, sufficient time to understand the information, and to process client's feedback.

Can I provide a storyboard and voice-over text?

For us, it's great to see that a client has done some preparational work, but making a good storyboard and a striking voice-over is a craft - and we enjoy doing it. We specialise in translating complex matter to a crisp explainer video. When you provide us with a storyboard and voice-over, we won't consider this as leading but as a source of inspiration.

What do you need to make a quotation?

To make a complete offer, it's always helpful to talk to each other on the phone. We can discuss your organisation, the complexity of the content, and your preferences for the style of the explainer video. On that basis, and based on our advice, we make an offer with a fixed price. So we don't leave you with unexpected costs after delivery of your explainer video.

Why choose in60seconds for your explainer video?

In 2009, in60seconds coined the term 'explanimation' for a short animation with an clarifying character, a proper explainer video. In all the years that followed, we developed in the production of explainer videos, and we're specialised in envisioning and articulating a complex message. We have all the knowledge for designing detailed 3D animations, interesting character design and object-oriented 2D animations - to name just a few. With our expertise and analytical thinking we still make striking explainer videos. View our work!