Eurofiber is a provider of fiber optic networks for the business market, based in The Netherlands and Belgium . EuroFiber offers dark fiber connections, Ethernet services, Datacenter and optical transmission services for DWDM technology. Eurofiber’s intricate fiber optic network extends over The Netherlands and abroad, and is continually expanding. Over 25% of the Internet traffic in The Netherlands runs on the Eurofiber network.


Eurofiber was asked to give a presentation on the possibilities and role of optic fiber in ‘smart cities’, during the Smart Cities Event. The event is aimed at managers and engineers who have affinity with building related installations and facilities and / or durability. Eurofiber asked us to develop an explanimation in which the concept of ‘smart cities’, new technologies and the role of optic fiber are explained effectively.


The animation is a part of Eurofiber’s presentation for the Smart Cities Event, and is used online by Eurofiber on its website and on social media. In the design, we tried to connect the animation to the characteristic design of the Eurofiber logo. Also, the animation is in accordance with the Eurofiber style.