The steps we take together For a successful animation production

When producing an animation at our company, we always follow a number of clear steps. With our proven co-creation process, we involve the customer at the right moment and we can guarantee the required quality and deadline at a fixed price. Our highly effective working documents ensure consistency and efficiency during production.

This is reflected by the quality of animations we produce. In the clickable overview below, you’ll find more information on the steps we take together with our clients, to achieve a successful animation production time and time again.

Animations produced by in60seconds We help you stand out from the crowd

in60seconds is specialised in creating animations that clarify or promote products, processes, businesses or services. With our experienced team, we have all the in-house knowledge to be able to create sharp story lines and original designs, together with our clients. When producing an animation, we always want to be absolutely sure that the intended message is communicated and visualised in the most effective way. This way, we are able to achieve maximum impact among the target audience.

Our animation studio has a strong focus on quality, which ensures our animations stand out from the majority of explainer animations that can be found online. We love working together with our clients on engaging projects, and we're good at translating the corporate identity of our clients into innovative animation concepts and styles.

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The type of animation you need Explain, announce, promote or inspire?

Animations are available in many shapes and sizes. If you are looking to produce an animation, it is important to find out what type of animation best suits your kind of message and audience. Some of the difference lies in the narrative style and how things are visualised. Below you'll find some variations of animation types.

An explainer video or animated explainer is perfect to explain a product or process. Animations are mostly meant to communicate a message in a more narrative way.

There are also of other productions that can be realised as animation. Think of promotional films, corporate videos, commercials and instructional films.We can translate them into the animated video, animation film, explainer video, explainer animation, or animated explainer that you company needs.

FAQ about animation production.
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Frequently asked questions about our animation production services

What are the costs to produce an animation?

The quality and price range of animations studios very quite often. That is why, at in60seconds, we always work with a fixed, pre-issued price quotation.

The costs of making an animation are dependent on the message, process and amount of correction rounds that is suitable for your organisation, the required length, and illustration and animation style in which the animation is designed.

To simply mention a quotation makes little sense. When you contact us, we can tell you more about the possibilities and corresponding prices of our animations.

What is the ideal length of an animation?

The ideal length of an animation depends on where it is to be deployed. From our experience, we found that a website visitor can keep his attention for about a minute for a new message, but we don't think that everything can or should be explained in 60 seconds.

For television commercials, a lenght of 30 seconds is very suitable. Pre-rolls, for use on YouTube are typically about 5-20 seconds. Animations for use in offline presentations or instructions can be assured more than 1 minute. Our starting point for this type of work is still to keep it concise.

What is the average production time of an animation?

Creating animations is a craft, and it's something that we do together with our customers. Our projects normally have a production time of three to six weeks. By enabling additional manpower, a lead time of two weeks is possible, provided that the customer can switch quickly.

Together with our customer we make a day-to-day planning for the various activities and contact moments. As a company, we strive for quality. And with a creative profession as ours, some reflection time on the concept, and adequate feedback are vital.

Can I make the storyboard and voice-over text myself?

in60seconds specialises in bringing large amounts of complex information back to its core, and translating this into a catchy voice-over text and storyboard. It's great when our clients have done some preparational work, but making a good storyboard and voice-over text is a craft. Voice-over texts or storyboards supplied by our clients are therefore not leading, but inspirational.

What do you need to be able to make a quotation?

We'd like to know more about your vision, organisation, message and target audience of the animation. In order to make sure we're on the same page, we usually set up a meeting with our clients, to discuss the project. We also ask our clients to fill in a briefing document, which encourages them to look at the topic from a more analytical angle. Based on this data, we then create a fixed-price offer, in which the above is included.

Why should I choose your animation company?

In addition to our academic level and expertise in determining the message for the animation, in60seconds is characterised by tailor-made illustrations and animation styles to match the branding of our customers. Our designers like to make beautiful things, and all illustration and animation styles are possible.

Whether it comes to object-oriented 2D animation, character design or 3D animation, in60seconds has all the in-house knowledge. We'd like our work speak for itself, and assume that you will see the difference. You pay keen attention to your business or product? So do we!