Gispen is the Dutch designer par excellence for living, work, health and education areas, and creates the best possible environments that have a positive impact on people. They do this in the role of designer, manufacturer and supplier. Gispen is convinced that well-designed products and smartly furnished rooms are inspiring and motivating. Gispen works closely with national and international designers, customers, partners and suppliers. This results in innovative and exciting solutions for living, working and learning.


Gispen wants to make us aware of the fact that we sit more than we think we do. That daily exercise does not compensate enough, and that we should have more physical variation throughout the day. And that, when you sit, you are sitting properly and keep moving a little. The new Gispen office chair Zinn was designed to sit properly and to keep moving, with the chair settings that are right for your body. Gispen asked us to make a explanimation in which this is explained in a playful way.

gispen-stijlontw gispen-characterontw


After an extensive animation style development, we found that the furniture and rooms could best be designed in a false perspective from above. Using rigid geometric forms and a limited color palete, the visuals pop out immediately. As viewer, you can follow the story smoothly through the playful movements and transitions. The swift movements also promote story, because it’s actually about movement. Also, little jokes like Willem Alexander during his speech speech, the English watchman and a playful cat, keep your attention while listening to the technical story.