Our recipe For a catchy animation

Our process of making of an animation always follows some clear steps. This way, we can achieve your desired deadline, and remain transparent about the process. We happily involve the customer into the process to get to the core message, because that is what it’s all about in our animations.

Do you want us to make an animated video for you or your company? Feel free to check out the steps we use to perform efficiently. If you have any questions, please read the FAQs about animations below, or contact us to make an animated video.

Animated videos by in60seconds Stories that move the target audience

Nowadays, it's much more about the 'why' behind an animated video than it was before. People only take action when they feel addressed, and really touched. The animations we make do exactly that. By doing this, we create impact to your organisation, in the form of understanding, action or engagement.

Our copywriters, designers and animators love to make good animations, and they do so with full dedication. We make sure that everything is right, and we create an interplay of a sharp text, well designed images, smooth movements and perfectly appropriate music and sound effects. You want your animation to move your target audience? So do we!

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When to choose an animated video? Animations that tell a story

An animated video is perfect to get people to think, to create understanding, or to invite people to take action. An animation connects to the feelings of the viewer, and therefore comes into its own when you have the time to communicate with the target audience, such as on campaign sites, during presentations or meetings.

You want to make an animated video? This stands or falls with a good storyline, in which movement, sound effects and music perfectly interact. The complete picture has to be right, that's where the extra time and money are put into. Therefore, cooperation in the making of an animated video is more intensive than a regular animation, which you you see in the result.

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Frequenty Asked Questions about making an animated video

How much does it cost to make an animated video?

The costs for an animated video are dependent on the length, complexity of the message, and the visual style. Together, we choose a type of animation that fits your message, and on this basis, we propose an offer with a fixed price - so we're not billing by the hour afterwards.

What is the appropriate length for an animated video?

A website visitor keeps his attention for an average of 60 seconds, in order to understand a message. It is therefore desirable that the core can be summarised in one minute. Not everything can, or is needed to be, understood in 60 seconds. For example, an animation in a presentation can be longer, but we always strive to be as concise as possible.

What's the average lead time of a production?

The making of an animation usually takes four to six weeks. In the case of a tight deadline, we can work with additional manpower. Together with the client, we make a planning in which we take enough time for feedback and discussion. This way, we both have time to think the concept over, and process the feedback to achieve the desired quality.

Can I provide a voice-over text and storyboard?

At in60seconds, we specialise in getting to the core of large amounts of complex information, and translating this into a catchy voice-over text and storyboard. It's nice when customers have ideas about it, but making a striking storyboard with an appropriate voice-over is a craft. We like being inspired, but submitted ideas are not leading in our creative process.

What does in60seconds need to make a quotation?

The length of the animation, and preferences for illustration and animation style affect the quotation. Also, we need to hear more about your organisation, and the content and complexity of the message for the animation. A phone call usually works best to get the idea straight. These things, your wishes and our advice are taken in a fixed-price quote.

Why choose in60seconds for my animated video?

in60seconds is characterised by the multiplicity of developed illustration and animation styles, our academic level and our expertise in determining the message for the animation. Whether it's object oriented 2D animation, character design or complex 3D animation, in60seconds has all the knowledge. We can develop any illustration and animation styles, and fit into the branding of our customers. View our work and let it speak for itself.