Wibu-Systems is one of the three leading suppliers in the DRM anti-piracy industry. Wibu-Systems’ mission is to provide “Perfection in Protection, Licensing and Security” for all DRM products, to keep improving customer service, and to treat their suppliers fairly and openly.

CodeMeter® protection technology from Wibu-Systems offers secure protection and effective license control for software and digital documents. At the core of CodeMeter® is secure copy protection hardware.


Companies need distinctive security solutions. But as a software company, it is very difficult to differentiate yourself from other software providers and explain why your product actually is the best. That’s why Wibu-Systems asked us to develop a series of explanimations that stand out in terms of originality from its competitors.


To present this technical issue to the taget audience in an original way, we have opted for a playful style. The style looks hand-drawn and cheerful, but does get a hint of objectivity by using a limited color palette in the Wibu-Systems house-style colors. The story is set in a fictional Western software world where cowboys have to protect their software against vultures that are constantly lurking.

Explanimation licensing

Explanimation cyber security