Elsevier is one of world’s largers publishers of academic literature. Elsevier is part of the Reed Elsevier Group which has 30.000 employers on about 100 locations. Elsevier publishes more than 20.000 products and services, both on hard copy as well as digitally, including academic journals, scientific books, databases and portals.


The Elsevier Publishing Campus offers an online platform for researchers, where they can watch lectures and interactive training. Also, researchers can get professional advice about a number of different topics. Elsevier asked in60seconds to produce an animation that communicates the Publishing Campus’ functionalities and advantages.


The promotional video we made for the Publishing Campus, was designed in a colourful and abstract illustrational style. The risk in making an animation about an online platform, is that shots will look like the actual platform which could make it too literal and iconic. Therefore, for this production we tried to create a style that inspires the researchers. The transition of the shots are fluent when possible.