The Ministry of Economic Affairs deals with all matters related to the Dutch economy. For the Netherlands, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is the coordinator within the project e-SENS. The Ministry of Security and Justice is also involved in this matter, which also applies to several other organisations such as TNO, Logius and insurance company CZ.


With the increasing cooperation between EU Member States, high mobility, and the increase in international trade, the need for a proper and safe exchange of information on cross-border services is growing in the European Union. This applies to governments, businesses and citizens.

The Digital EU Agenda focusses on ICT solutions, in order to improve them. The project e-SENS – Electronic Simple European Networked Services – represents a new approach to public services. The Ministry of Economic Affairs asked us to develop an animation on E-Sens.


Through the European Digital Platform, the various systems of authorities and citizens can communicate digitally. The idea is that citizens and businesses across the European Union can start using the E-Sens building blocks. In the end, the building blocks will become part of the European digital infrastructure. We made an animation in which the need, scope and benefits of E-Sens are explained in an original way.