With the rise of online booking of hotel rooms, the number of booking sites is growing. In 2006, hotels were asked to link their systems to booking sites so that prices, availability and restrictions could be distributed online. SmartHOTEL connects the countless booking sites on the internet with the SmartHOTEL Switch.


With the large number of places where hotels can be booked, it is of great importance that the same up-to-date information is available everywhere and that prices and availability can easily be adjusted in the event of changes. SmartHOTEL ensures the linking of the many reservation systems in the hotel industry. Whether it concerns booking sites, hotel chain systems or travel agencies, SmartHOTEL ensures that all information is up-to-date and synchronized with all connected systems. SmartHOTEL asked in60 seconds to tell this story in a short animation video.

Achieved results

In the explanimation we have visualized the fairly abstract story of the SmartHOTEL Switch through a 3D animation. We have added photography to match the experience of the traveler.