The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) enables social debates, to be conducted on the basis of reliable statistical information. CBS has the task of publishing reliable and coherent statistical information, that responds to the needs of society. In addition to the responsibility for (official) national statistics, CBS is also responsible for producing European (community) statistics.


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has a lot of interesting data about The Netherlands. For the average person, this is unknown and invisible. Yet every day, a lot happens in The Netherlands, which delivers heaps of statistics. CBS wanted these statistics to be presented as a coherent story, in an original way. The purpose of explanimation we developed for CBS, was to show what information the CBS has, and how much information that is. At the same time, the figures should also provide an interesting picture. As a starting point, we chose a collection of demographic data and we told the story of an ordinary day in figures.


The animation was well received by CBS, and was also featured on several blogs. A couple of days after, it was featured on the popular weblog Dumpert, which resulted in thousands of views extra. The animation was also translated into English, and is being used for representative goals by CBS abroad.