Foodzy is a tool to gain insight into your eating habits, it’s your personal food diary for iPhone, Android and online at Foodzy.com. Dashboards get real-time insight into your eating habits, and what you could improve. Good eating habits are rewarded with badges, and you can get an insight into the food preferences of your friends. With Foodzy, eating healthy is fun!


Foodzy came to us with a classic start-up request, like ones we receive more often. “Can you help us to promote and explain our new app – in an original way ?” The only problem was that Foodzy’s concept was so new, that there was no budget available to make an explainer video. But because we were fans of Foodzy, we proposed to develop the animation pro bono.


Because we were so excited about Foodzy, we decided to develop this explainer video pro bono. In the animation, we brought the food to life, and put in lots of little jokes. The animation helped Foodzy to become known worldwide, as it was often displayed on blogs, such as the influential technology blog TechCrunch.