Océ is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of document and information management. The company develops products and services for efficient and effective exchange of information. The company operates in more than 80 countries and has research and production centers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, the United States and Japan. Océ has more than 20,000 employees worldwide.


Eneo is a new online tool for sending documents to external parties in the construction industry, developed by Océ. With the current solutions, sending documents is very time-consuming, cumbersome and opaque for both the sender and the recipient. Increasingly shorter project lead times, more and more information, more and more changes, more and more involved parties. Eneo offers a solution. Eneo ensures a great time saving for the sender and receiver. Easy to use and always the right information available digitally or on paper. Insight into the shipping process is possible at all times.


The use of Eneo offers many advantages compared to traditional solutions, when it comes to document distrubution. Océ asked us to help in creating a catchy storyline, in which the disadvantages of traditional methods and benefits of Eneo are clearly apparent. Eventually we wrapped this story in a clear explanimation.

Achieved results

We developed this explanimation in an iconic illustration style that fits well with the Eneo product house style. Within marketing communication, the animation was used extensively by Océ and salemanagers also used the animation in their presentations. In order to be able to use the animation internationally, it has also been translated into English, German and French.