MeetingMoreMinds specializes in organizing productive networks between and within companies. The rapid generation and application of knowledge and insights is becoming increasingly important. MeetingMoreMinds initiates and organizes networking between and within organizations, both in the public and private sector.


MeetingMoreMinds worked on two projects for Fortis Bank in 2009. These projects looked at the future role of banks in the playing field changed by the financial crisis and into a new style of employee participation within Fortis Bank Nederland. MeetingMoreMinds asked in60seconds to think about possible support for the presentation of these two projects. We were asked to show the core idea behind the projects in an accessible and understandable way using animations.


The Future of Banking is a roundtable meeting organized by consultancy firm MeetingMoreMinds for Fortis Bank Nederland. During this meeting between bankers, the new banking after the credit crisis is being considered.
The explainer video produced by in60seconds is used as a kick-off for the meeting and the attendees have to think about what choices their bank will have to make in new banking.

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