Benthem Crouwel Architects is an architectural firm from Amsterdam, known as the architects of amongst others International Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam Central Station, and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


In September 2013, the exhibition “Five archetypes for a changing world” by Benthem Crouwel Architekten was shown at the Architecture Center in Haarlem. As a visitor, you enter a world where five large blue foam blocks are positioned, from each block is a model building is cut. The five buildings are a selection from the total oeuvre of Benthem Crouwel Architects, and each representing a different archetype:

  • Public – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Flow – Rotterdam Central Station
  • Vibe – Ziggo Dome
  • Connect – AM3 datacenter
  • Dream – Forum Mittelrhein Shopping Mall
In60seconds was asked to make a video for this exposition, in which the five buildings would be shown in a dynamic way, suitable with each archetype.


The archetypes represent a changing world, in which buildings get a new meaning and where the user plays the central role. In the video, we’ve appraoched every archetype in another way. Every archetype had another style of filming and editing, and is supported with different music and text animation. Yet still they are as a whole, and reinforce one another.