Getting the picture (GTP) is a management consulting firm, and shares its Amsterdam office with in60seconds animations. You can call it visual consultancy: it’s their passion to let people see the bigger picture by implementing visual thinking techniques within change, strategy or sales processes. They work together with customers through the creative process to create insight and support across the client’s company.


Inspired by the clarity and applicability of Sinek’s Golden Circle concept we have made a short animation for visual consultancy agency Getting the picture, that sums up Sinek’s influential message in an effective way. The animation forms a good starting point for workshops and sessions, based on one important question: What’s your ‘why’?


The result is an animation in a fluid but simple style, that explains the basics of the Golden Circle concept. Nowadays, the animation is used by a lot of people within presentations. Even Simon Sinek himself shared the animation and personally encouraged the initiative!